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DWJ has several short stories about cats. In "Little Dot" there are several
cats in a farmhouse, all with recogniseable territories. Although one of the
cats tells the story the only magic user is their man.

"Little Dot." In Firebirds: An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science
Fiction, edited by Sharyn November, 297-335. New York: Firebird, 2003.
Reprinted Jones, Unexpected Magic, 266-302.

On 18/04/07, Sally Odgers <sodgers at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> The cat, Fiddle, is at Chrestomanci Castle, and then there is Throgmorten
> WONGwongWONG... and Sophie the black cat in CitA (and Morgan), and then
> there's Lavinia and the other temporary cats in Black Maria. Are there any
> cats that are just... cats? Then there are Benvenuto and the others of his
> ilk. What I CAN'T recall in DWJ is an ordinary cat! They all seem to be
> magical or transformed.
> Then there's the dog/man in HMC, the wolves in Black Maria, and the
> horse/car in F&H...
> To continue to other special cats - there's the little cat in Westall's
> Devil on the Road, Mantari in Victoria Walker's Winter of Enchantment and
> House Called Hadlows.
> Now, what have I missed?
> Sallyo.
> I was wondering what kinds of cats DWJ characters would adopt, given the
> chance...
> Polly might go for something blonde and
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