[DWJ] Naming a cat AND Where are we from?

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On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

>> There are groups who capture wild cats, spay or neuter them, and release
>> them.  I find this practice odd.
> Not the least bit odd. 
> The theory is that those kittens
> whose mothers were not poisoned had less competition to deal with and
> therefore better chances of survival. So as long as the city does not solve
> its problems with garbage disposal and rodents, the cat problem will
> persist.

Trap - neuter - release (TNR) is actually the best way to control
a feral cat population.  Without dealing with the garbage issue,
as Gili says, removing feral cats from a colony just increases
space for more kittens to be born; the cats breed to capacity.
TNR programs, combined with garbage cleanup, allow the colonies
to stay controlled while the external problems are dealt with.
Additionally, most ferals are unadoptable, so removing them from
the colony requires euthanasia; TNR allows the cats to live while
controlling the colony size.  Some TNR organizations remove the
kittens that are young enough to be domesticated and put them up
for adoption.  Usually TNR programs also vaccinate and test for
FIV and feline leukemia and respond accordingly.

...This moment of off-topic politicking has been brought to you
by the committee to say that if anyone ever decides to neuter
Throgmorton, I want to be very, very, very far away. In a suit of
plate armor.

Can Fiddle breed?

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