[DWJ] Naming a cat AND Where are we from?

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Apr 18 10:16:30 EDT 2007

>There are groups who capture wild cats, spay or neuter them, and release
>them.  I find this practice odd.

Not the least bit odd. In Israel, where feral cats are an urban curse,
different municipalities have attempted different solutions to the problem.
In Jerusalem alley cats would be periodically poisoned. Asides from the fact
that this practice was inhumane, and often killed pets as well as ownerless
animals, it turned out that following a major poisoning there were always
booms in the local alley cat population. The theory is that those kittens
whose mothers were not poisoned had less competition to deal with and
therefore better chances of survival. So as long as the city does not solve
its problems with garbage disposal and rodents, the cat problem will
persist. In Tel-Aviv however, the municipality lends some support to groups
who spay and neuter cats. There is also, if not actual encouragement, at
least no active discouragment of individuals who choose to regularly put out
food for alley cats: many shops in Tel-Aviv sell generic or past-date
catfood at special low prices for "cat feeders". As a result, the alley cats
in Tel-Aviv tend to cluster in colonies around addresses where they know
they are welcome, and are generally healthier, prettier, calmer and more
quiet (this a direct result of spaying/neutering) than the alley cats in
Jerusalem - and their numbers are more stable.

>  after some debate we changed
> it to Lucy, after the youngest girl in the Narnia books.

When I was little, I though Lucy WAS named Lucky. I read "The Lion the Witch
and the Wardrobe" when I had just turned six and my reading skills were not
fully developed...

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