[DWJ] Venus As A Boy (was Naming a cat AND Where are we from?)

Kyra Jucovy klj at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Tue Apr 17 23:57:05 EDT 2007

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Ika Willis wrote:

> which reminded me to ask... Is there any reason, in principle, why
> nine-lived enchanters should be male? Or is it just a coincidence that
> there have been three (or is it four? ISTR that Gabriel de Witt's
> predecessor was a man too) male Chrestomancis in a row? And would it
> cause problems, in Christopher Chant's world which seems to be
> relatively conservative re: sex and gender, if the Chrestomanci were a
> woman?
> And is there any fic about it?
> (I tend to think that one of the differences between Cat and
> Christopher as Chrestomanci is that Cat is going to be out - hopefully
> with Tonino as consort - where Christopher is in a deeply loving
> companionate marriage and discreetly bringing home a series of
> boyfriends from a series of worlds, but DWJ fanfic on the whole
> remains resolutely het.)
> Love, Ika

In one of the answers to questions that DWJ used to do on the website, she
wrote the following:

" You wanted to know whether there has ever been a female Chrestomanci,
and the answer is no, not yet, not in that world. It is a much more old
fashioned world than ours and Chrestomanci is a government appointment. No
government in that world would give the post to a woman. Pure prejudice,
because I am sure there are female nine-lifed enchanters too. However
there must come a day when a female is the only enchanter available -
nine-lifed enchanters are very rare - and then the government would be
forced to appoint her. Females can be enchanters. The Goddess is one. One
of the staff in Chrestomanci castle is a sorceress. And I think you get
female wizards too."



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