[DWJ] Naming a cat AND Where are we from?

sylvia . . . harriet_thespy at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 19:30:07 EDT 2007

I am from (the only) Seattle, and have lived here my entire life except for 
a brief three month sojourn in southern California, which was positively 
horrific and potentially dangerous.  (Six years later, I find myself wanting 
to move back, perhaps because I know it will never actually happen so I can 
safely wish for it.)  I desperately want to move, but not very far - I'm not 
very adventurous that way.  Maybe to Portland, which I love.

On the subject of pet names, my boyfriend and I picked up a charming black 
cat from the Humane Society last year.  She is missing the tip of one ear, 
and well on her way to being overweight despite our best efforts.  The 
people who worked there named her Lucky, which is a name I think no animal 
should be saddled with, so after some debate we changed it to Lucy, after 
the youngest girl in the Narnia books.  (The other option was Warmachine, 
which is now her last name.)  And now, it turns out EVERYONE I have ever met 
seems to have a cat/dog/hamster/imaginary friend named Lucy, so I kind of 
regret it...  So my only advice really is to pick something uncommon, and if 
you go with a DWJ name that shouldn't be a problem.  (I did in fact have 
Chrestomanci in mind if we had chosen a male cat.)

-Sylvia *goes back to lurking*

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