[DWJ] Shant

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Apr 17 07:35:10 EDT 2007

Elanor Buchanan went



to say

>  I'm an Edinburger, born and bred, and I use amn't a lot when talking.
>Much to the hilarity of an English friend at uni who had never heard it
>before and could not understand why I didn't just say "I'm not". Maybe  it
>is a Scottish thing as well as an Irish one?

That might explain where I got it from, then: my father's mother was
Edinburgh born and bred, and my mother was at Edinburgh university, and
although I don't remember either of them saying it they might well have
done.  After all, it seemed quite normal to me for many years, so I must
have encountered it when I was quite young.  :-)

>  *relurk

Don't go doing that!  You've just been a nice reassuring presence.


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