[DWJ] Where are we from?

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:54:15 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:
>I understand that the important thing about the Irish Question was that
>pulling the beards of Irish chieftains was not considered a useful
>Answer... seems to me that one way round that might be for Irish chieftains
>to be clean-shaven, which would thwart anyone like King John who tried it.

The Irish Question was like the meaning of the universe, wasn't it, in that 
if anyone ever discovers what it actually is, the Irish change it to 
something even more baffling? (This raises the interesting point of whether 
an infinite universe can produce anything more confusing than Gaellic 

*I understand it's entirely regular and phonetic. No wonder it's difficult 
for the English.

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