[DWJ] Naming a cat- comments/advice?

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Apr 15 14:15:22 EDT 2007

Well, Romanov is Russian (name, not the dwj character, that is)...
My friend (who's miaowing mad!) says the cat is not a Russian Blue because 
he's not slinky enough (or something), but that his eyes aren't yellow 
enough for him to be a British Blue. I really don't care; I suspect that 
he's just a particularly gorgeous moggy.

I take RBW's point about Lancelot, but the poor beast has been neutered 
(which I agree with in principle but can't help feeling sorry for him)

Benvenuto means well-come, doesn't it- which is quite appropriate.


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>A blue cat must have a Russian name for one of his names.  Something that 
>fits his personality.  From a Bujoldian perspective, the choice would 
>certainly be Ivan.
> --Mark A.
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