[DWJ] Naming a cat- comments/advice?

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Apr 15 12:11:19 EDT 2007

Dear List,

I have just given a home to a cat. He'd been run over but survived relatively unscathed and is now fully recovered. A friend found him and took him to the vet's; she posted notes all over her neighbourhood; two weeks later, the cat was still unclaimed. She couldn't have him because she already has two cats in a small flat so I took him in. He is confined to quarters at the moment until he gets used to me. When he does, he'll have lovely Welsh countryside to roam in. 

The cat is possibly a pedigree cross, or just a particularly handsome moggy. He is large, blue (ie grey) and not even slightly stripy, with big greeny yellow eyes. I have a really soft spot for blue animals - I used to have a blue whippet, and then a stripy blue kitten, Meepella, who sadly died. 

Anyway, this handsome specimen of cathood is still nameless (he is not telling me his secret name, unless it's Mrrt, Mrout, Hiss or similar). I really wish he could be Throgmorten (seeing as Kylie did not name her baby daughter Throgmortenia!), but I see Throgmorten as a ginger or tabby cat - stripes are essential. My friend keeps suggesting names, but while I'm fond of mythology/folklore/Arthurian stuff, I have met far too many hippy brats to even contemplate Merlin, Gandalf (The Grey), Galahad or the like. I am considering Morgan (for Morgan Llwyd, who translated the Bible into Welsh- Llwyd [=Lloyd] means grey), or Strauss ((Blue Danube) but nothing quite fits. Grimalkin was a strong contender but I looked in the dictionary and it said it's an old female cat, and he's a young male- besides, do I want to shout Grim to get him to come to dinner? 

It would be good to have a dwj-inspired cat name and I just thought of Romanov which would suit quite well,  but before I finally decide I thought I'd ask you all for comments/dwj-ish suggestions (Ha! It is an on-topic post, see?). My other cat is called Jadwiga - I think I told you how this came about already.


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