[DWJ] West Lothian (was Where are we from?)

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There's what looks like a good explanation on Wikipedia:


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> It dates back quite a way and seems to be framed around a consensus which
> emerged very early that English MPs woudn't vote on Scottish law which is
> actually separate from Welsh and English law due to the terms of the act of
> Union. So much legislation is passed *only* for England and Wales, and
> sometimes Northern Ireland.
> But the reverse was never true, Scottish MPs always voted on law for England
> and Wales and even more so in the twentieth century when the Labour Party
> came to rely on the Scottish MPs for a majority in the House.* If Scotland
> ever does go independent, the Labour Party in England is dead.
> * The star, is because the person who broke the consensus was Mrs. Thatcher
> who used an unusual Tory majority in Scotland to push through an
> experimental poll tax, before she inflicted it on the rest of us.

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