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It dates back quite a way and seems to be framed around a consensus which
emerged very early that English MPs woudn't vote on Scottish law which is
actually separate from Welsh and English law due to the terms of the act of
Union. So much legislation is passed *only* for England and Wales, and
sometimes Northern Ireland.

But the reverse was never true, Scottish MPs always voted on law for England
and Wales and even more so in the twentieth century when the Labour Party
came to rely on the Scottish MPs for a majority in the House.* If Scotland
ever does go independent, the Labour Party in England is dead.

* The star, is because the person who broke the consensus was Mrs. Thatcher
who used an unusual Tory majority in Scotland to push through an
experimental poll tax, before she inflicted it on the rest of us.


On 15/04/07, Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:
> Colin wrote:
> >(If you really want to know what the West Lothian Question is, it's
> >approximately "Now that Scotland has its own assembly so English
> >politicians do not get to decide on Scottish internal matters, should
> >not Scottish MP's at Westminster - say, the member from West Lothian -
> >be barred from deciding on English internal matters"?)
> Seems reasonable, but I suppose we'd lose half the cabinet or something so
> they can't very well agree.
> I thought it was *much* older than that: it has a sort of John-Buchanish
> ring, to me.  So I didn't realise it was such a simple matter.
> Thanks, Colin.
> Minnow
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