[DWJ] Where are we from?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Apr 15 06:32:40 EDT 2007

I wrote plaintively:

>> Maybe it's the Lothian Question?
>> Anyhow, somebody here might know what on earth it is and why.  (Hint)

and Otter sidetracked:

>I know about the Muntab Question*, which is:
>"Where the hell is Muntab?"
>* courtesy of Terry Pratchett

I think he pinched that from Paul Jennings, but I can't remember the name
of the town about which PJ said it.

I understand that the important thing about the Irish Question was that
pulling the beards of Irish chieftains was not considered a useful
Answer... seems to me that one way round that might be for Irish chieftains
to be clean-shaven, which would thwart anyone like King John who tried it.


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