[DWJ] West Lothian (was Where are we from?)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sun Apr 15 06:32:43 EDT 2007

Colin wrote:

>(If you really want to know what the West Lothian Question is, it's
>approximately "Now that Scotland has its own assembly so English
>politicians do not get to decide on Scottish internal matters, should
>not Scottish MP's at Westminster - say, the member from West Lothian -
>be barred from deciding on English internal matters"?)

Seems reasonable, but I suppose we'd lose half the cabinet or something so
they can't very well agree.

I thought it was *much* older than that: it has a sort of John-Buchanish
ring, to me.  So I didn't realise it was such a simple matter.

Thanks, Colin.


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