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You know, I was just speculating about 'Downs' the other day: not, I  
regret, in the same way as this, but it tied in with the earlier  
discussion about generations staying in the same place.
I knew someone last year whose last name was 'Downs' and whose family  
came from the city of Toowoomba - which is on the Darling Downs  
(Known mostly as 'The Downs'). Interesting, no? I wonder whether  
there was an actual connection - considering that in Australia most  
names of families were brought over from Europe with people's  
ancestors and not related to the place they settled. Place names tend  
here to be named after people, rather than people after places.  
Anyone know of Australians who might have taken their name from an  
Australian place? Like Aboriginal or non-English immigrants hoping to  
blend culturally with the predominant English? I wonder...

(Now wondering whether sand dunes were named by scotsmen)

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>> As does "with". And originally, one came down from the downs.
> Why "originally"? One still does!
> Rosie (living at one end of the North Downs)
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