[DWJ] Shakespearian Insults - and Punctuation

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Sun Apr 15 00:04:25 EDT 2007


You've all just reminded me! I have pinned to my desk at work a  
handout on 'how to make your own Shakespearian insults': choose one  
word from each list, etc. Now wouldn't that be a fun game to play on  
the list? Who can come up with the funniest (or the most ridiculous,  
or most impressive) Shakespearian insult?

Just a thought.

Oh, and as an English teacher I too tend to rant and snarl inwardly  
about misused apostrophes and words spelt wrong to make it *cute* or  
to make someone's business stand out. The problem is that a) most of  
it is done for no reason and b) it's gone so far now many students  
don't know how things are spelt originally. So instead of making a  
joke or giving the business an edge it just confuses people and  
perpetuates bad spelling.

*I tend to think the community has a responsibility to kids to uphold  
the rules we want them to learn.*

And that's entirely leaving aside the question of the use of SMS  
language - in formal assessment! The amount of times I have to tell  
people to "Write It Out!"  :) Maybe I'm old fashioned. I do enjoy  
having the conversation with one's students about *why* spelling and  
punctuation is needed and came about in the first place, and watching  
the light bulb go *on*. (Oh, so *that's* why you torture us? We never  

Who *knows* Vogons learn their poetry skills from grade 8s and 9s.

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