[DWJ] A grammar realization - Where are we from?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 14 18:40:55 EDT 2007

EGH wrote:

>Rather than quaking over the thought of a Comma Flame War (which would be
>interesting in its own right, factoring in that the participants would
>probably use words of more than one syllable, unlike usual flame warriors
>-- not that I'm advocating flaming, mind you), I have been chortling and
>attempting not to choke on my tea.  I love this list because people are
>both intelligent and *funny*.

I am on a newsgroup theoretically devoted to the works of a particular
author -- only he posts there himself and he utterly forbade any mention of
his work, so we have to be a village instead and play cricket and do
bell-ringing and have a Summer Fete and be Very English, apart from the
Moose and the piranha, who are obviously foreign, and the earwigs and the
woodlice who are a law unto themselves, and the bats who are frankly
lawless -- and at one point a minor disagreement arose among us and Harsh
Words Were Written.  It may have been the time someone called the Buxom
Barmaid's Werepup a husky, when she's told us and told us he's a malemute,
or some such.  Whereupon the Author joyfully posted to the effect "At last!
Now we are a REAL newsgroup!  You can't be a real newsgroup unless you
have flame wars."

Every so often a couple of us remember and try to have another one, usually
for his birthday, but somehow we always end up in fits of giggles instead,
and I don't think we got round to it last year.  The two resident dragons
occasionally set fire to spammers, but I don't think that counts?

I don't feel competent to have a Comma Flame War, though, because apart
from knowing that it isn't a semi-colon and shouldn't be treated as such I
don't really know very much about the care and feeding of the Common
Comma.... and anyhow when one lives underwater flames are quite difficult
to muster ...


Minnow  (known for ferocious pebble-spitting)

Queen of Traditionalist Grammar hereafter.

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