[DWJ] apostrophe's

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 14 10:14:11 EDT 2007

Jane poked her head above the parapet:

>Just raising myself from lurkerdom to say i don't find
>the discussion on punctuation, or the general tone of
>posting at all intimidating!

Hurrah!  Well said!  Have a drink?  I am having a rock candy and rye
without the rock candy, myself, because I am getting a cold and we do not
have any rock candy left.

I find apostrophes tend
>to cause strong opinions everywhere - I'm like Lynne
>Truss and practically foam at the mouth on seeing
>potato's and carrot's advertized on the high street.

If I'm honest, I don't actually mind those particularly.  What I find
irritating is people who make their living by the use of the language but
can't be bothered to use it well, and if some elementary howler they've
committed is pointed out to them say "Well, it doesn't matter".  It *does*
matter!  They are being *shoddy*, and fobbing their audience off with the
second-rate, and that's dishonest just as much as someone selling a car
they know has a something wrong with it and pretending it's a good car is
dishonest.  Literary horse-copers, the bally lot of them.

>I'd ( ok - without an apostrophe I could have been
>talking about my psyche here, surely that's a bit
>confusing?)have been interested and no doubt
>entertained by Minnow's rebuttal - can we see it if we
>all promise not to be intimidated?

No fair: Deborah has a cold and might not feel fit to castigate me as I
might deserve.  Besides, I am using selected bits of it in a post
(responding to Colin's most recent one, which contains Wilful Provocation)
that I'm composing slowly over the course of today between sneezes and

>I'm off to join pedants anonymous - can't beleive my
>first contribution to the discussion is about
>punctuation rather than DWJ!

Well, she does *use* punctuation, so it isn't entirely off-topic.  :-)


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