[DWJ] Apostrophic Fisticuffs... (lurkers be not afraid)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 14 10:14:10 EDT 2007

Aimee wrote

>Oo this is fun!

Well, I think it is, but then I'm strange.

The trouble is that whilst I may on occasion (not this time, but sometimes
in the past) find myself laughing out loud as I write, because the
InstaFeud we've got caught up in is so deliciously absurd and the positions
into which people (myself included) have backed themselves are so patently
risible, I do know that not everyone will realise that calling someone a
lily-livered paltroon or a pie-faced loon is *affectionate* rather than
cause for immediate bloodshed.  You'd think they might guess, but they
don't always, and then it's all rather unfortunate and the joke goes sour.

>One of the delights of this list is being able to watch people much
>more eloquent and learned dance around waving wonderfully 'acquired-
>taste' knowledge and fancy words at each other in jest. I love that
>this list has an informal air but informed people. It's comfy yet
>stimulating company.

'M *not* "comfy"!  'M a Small Shark!  Spit pebbles!  *GUM* you!




>The other is of course that when you do put your two cents in and you
>embarrass yourself because you're not really that eloquent, nobody
>laughs at you. Not in writing, anyway.

Only very rarely do they even say "you *what*?"  Mostly I think that here,
people do try to work out what you meant to say rather than castigating you
for failing to say it with perfect diction, and they reply to the intention
rather than to the gaffe.  As it were.

>So don't be afraid, lurkers. What's the worst that could happen?

Sleepless nights, loss of hair, dizzy spells, the urge to find out where
someone lives and go round and paint a ten-foot-tall
faster-than-light-travelling apostrophe on their wall...   :-)

>Sporadic poster and habitual foot-in-mouther,

oooh isn't sporadic a splendid word!  Thank you!


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