[DWJ] Cleave

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat Apr 14 09:30:06 EDT 2007

Sallyo wrote:

>QUOTE - (Cleave being one of
>those lovely words in English that means the opposite of itself as well.)

>As does "with". And originally, one came down from the downs.

The "with" thing is always fun in fantasy books, when two people whose
names are hard to keep in one's mind are fighting "with" each other: are
they on the same side or opposite ones?

The Downs derived from a word meaning "hill", so I suppose that one is
entirely reasonable.  In its own sweet English way it is, anyhow.

>Sallyo (touch my apostrophes if you dare...)

Wouldn't dream of it.  :-)


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