[DWJ] apostrophe's

jane kenneway janekenneway at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 14 09:11:17 EDT 2007

Just raising myself from lurkerdom to say i don't find
the discussion on punctuation, or the general tone of
posting at all intimidating! I find apostrophes tend
to cause strong opinions everywhere - I'm like Lynne
Truss and practically foam at the mouth on seeing
potato's and carrot's advertized on the high street.
I'd ( ok - without an apostrophe I could have been
talking about my psyche here, surely that's a bit
confusing?)have been interested and no doubt
entertained by Minnow's rebuttal - can we see it if we
all promise not to be intimidated?
I'm off to join pedants anonymous - can't beleive my
first contribution to the discussion is about
punctuation rather than DWJ!

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