[DWJ] A grammar realization - Where are we from?

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Apr 13 16:18:03 EDT 2007

>deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
>> Um, I didn't think I would ever be saying this about any
>> discussion that didn't involve politics, religion, or the merits
>> of the Harry Potter books, but I would like to remind the
>> participants in the apostrophe conversation that tone doesn't
>> always carry well over e-mail, and that we are all either friends
>> or respectful fellow fans here.

To which Colin:

>As you say, tone doesn't carry well. Minnow and I are old friends and
>occasional adversaries.

*Occasional*!?  Habitual, more like it, over almost twenty years.  If I
didn't *like* the arbitrary rat-fink I'd ignore him, or red-herring him,
rather than rising to his bait.  (Hey, should we now discuss the Mixed

>Sorry if I upset anybody.

Yes, well, me too.  <mutter>

Do you realise that I had a splendid and detailed rebuttal[1] of his views
all ready to send, left it to check when the initial exuberance of my own
eloquence might have faded a bit and I would be more likely to notice
typoes, went away to cook supper for the family, and came back to find that
my entire literary effort is now wasted?  Deborah, you run a grave risk of
being turned into a slice of bread and toasted.  (Points will be awarded to
those who recognise and place that quotation.  And what do points mean?)

I suppose I can now be relieved that I don't have to feel guilty for
alarming the lurkers, but <mutter><mutter><mutter><mutter><mutter><mutter>
all the same.  That post was fun.  It included a comment on it being easy
to misunderstand tone in email, which ended "In your case I can also see
your expression as you fly your deadly kites with their razor edges,

<profoundly frustrated mutter>

>> The temptation to follow this up with some inflammatory comment
>> about the Harry Potter books is almost overwhelming, but that
>> would probably be a bad plan. *g*
>No, don't go there.

Oh, do!  Do!  do-be-do-be-do?

Seriously for a moment (which is not like me, and if people didn't
recognise that razor-edged kite comment as frivolous I am sincerely sorry)
minnows can inflict a nasty *suck* on the unwary, and we spit very small
pebbles *lovely*, but the Small Shark image is as unconvincing as any other
disguise I adopt -- have you ever seen a minnow wearing a false moustache?
Did it convince you?


{1] yes, I do mean a rebuttal.  I rebuffed him and I refuted him, and I
jolly well rebutted him.  I rebuked him as well.  It's possible that I also
repelled him, but hey, we'll never know...[2]

[2] and now I am including footnotes.  Hmph.

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