[DWJ] A grammar realization - Where are we from?

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 13 13:52:43 EDT 2007

deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
> Um, I didn't think I would ever be saying this about any
> discussion that didn't involve politics, religion, or the merits
> of the Harry Potter books, but I would like to remind the
> participants in the apostrophe conversation that tone doesn't
> always carry well over e-mail, and that we are all either friends
> or respectful fellow fans here.
As you say, tone doesn't carry well. Minnow and I are old friends and 
occasional adversaries.

Sorry if I upset anybody.
> The temptation to follow this up with some inflammatory comment
> about the Harry Potter books is almost overwhelming, but that
> would probably be a bad plan. *g*
No, don't go there.


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