[DWJ] Re: Where are we all from?

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Thu Apr 12 23:47:29 EDT 2007

It's a bit late, but here's where I'm from anyway:

I've only rarely ever lived more than 4.5 hours away from Brisbane,  
and only lived 3 years out of Queensland.

I was born on the Gold Coast, an hour south of Brisbane, Queensland,  
I spent 3 three years at Tahlee, near Newcastle in New South Wales,  
then we moved back to the Gold Coast for 5 years.
Thence to Wandoan, 4 1/2 hours west of Brisbane, for 4 years.
 From there I was at boarding school in Toowoomba (3 hours West of  
Brisbane) for 2 years and 'home' changed to Hervey Bay, 3 and a bit  
hours north of Brisbane.
Then there were 4 years of uni in Brisbane (including the commonly- 
named suburbs St Lucia and Sherwood).
Then a year living in Hervey Bay.
Now I'm in a country town that is 1/2 hour east from Toowoomba, 3/4  
hour west from Brisbane, and the parentals are in Dalby, which is  
approx. 2 and a bit hours from Brisbane. It's a bit like revisiting  
one's past.

I am looking forward to finding somewhere sufficiently placed close  
to family, friends, shops and nice students to settle. I think I may  
have found it. It will be strange to see how long I can make it last.  
I haven't spent longer than 5 years in any one spot, I think.

I have learned I am not a city girl, though I adore Brisbane, and I'm  
not a country girl, though I adore being able to see interesting  
geography and the big, wide sky full of clouds or stars that reaches  
all the way to the ground in every direction. I must be a town- 
person, I guess. Or a village-close-to-a-city person. Hm.

Also, there is a sleeping kitten's nose against my big toe. There's  
no accounting for taste.


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