[DWJ] Magicians of Caprona - Bookcrossing review

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Apr 12 16:02:22 EDT 2007

Philip wrote:

>I've just received a review of a copy of Magicians that I have sent out
>into the world on BookCrossing.  It contained a particularly interesting
>> Interesting, does Diana Wynne Jones have some connection to dyslexia
>> some other learning "disability"? The books of hers that I've read
>> to include people whose brains work differently, so they learn and
>> perform magic wildly differently, but a lot stronger too. What a
>> lady, reflecting it in such a sneaky way, and to kids as well. :)
>> with dyslexic kids should give this to them and say, "You're like
>> Angelica, you just have to find your way". :)

Perceptive person, if genuinely unaware of the "left-handed and dyslexic"
remarks DWJ has made about herself from time to time.  One of her sons too
is dyslexic and hasn't let it stop him from being his own person.

I'm not sure that it's necessarily dyslexia that's being meant when the
message is "if you are different, learn how to work with the difference and
make it work for you", which seems to come through all over the place in
DWJ's books, but certainly it could  be taken that way if one happened to
need to.


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