[DWJ] Archer's family

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 01:57:46 EDT 2007

> > But they have been there for only one generation; they've just been
> > there as that one generation more than once.  :-)
> >
> > Minnow
> Well, but Catriona is a straight-line descendant from Hathaway, and the
> Moneypennys apparently remained in the same town for four centuries.  Now,
> that does seem like a long time to a New Worlder like me ;-).
>                                         ---Kyra

It is possible that the family has been held there by Howard.  And not just
the straight line of descent. It occured to me ages ago that Ginger cannot
*help* changing sides because he is a linked to Howard, and that this is
also why the bus comes and rescues him: the driver is a distant cousin, as
are most of the town.

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