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Jamie is the mother's great uncle.

Jamie is about 1880. (His sister goes on to be one of the first female

So it's only four generations.  Fairly unusual for one family to stay in
place that long, but I had a student whose family had lived in the same
block in London for five generations (her great grandfather sold John Logie
Baird his equipment).

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> >*ponders*
> >
> >Jamie's family in Homeward Bounders was certainly in the
> >same place for several generations.
> Someone who has the book with them, how many?  I think we agreed at one
> point that the family were immigrants from Scotland, so it might not be
> many before Jamie's parents; how long are we counting as a generation,
> in years, if we're talking about ordinary mortals?  I forget how many
> greats-uncle he was.
> And then there's the
> >Archer's Goon family, for real longevity.
> But they have been there for only one generation; they've just been
> there as that one generation more than once.  :-)
> >And how do generations work in Time City, anyhow?
> I suspect they are very long in the case of one person, but much the
> same as ours for everyone else, as it were.
> >Hey, I'm trying, at least.
> <refrains from making obvious comment>
> <hides in waterweed>
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