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>*struggles really hard to ObDWJ this*
>Jamie's family in Homeward Bounders was certainly in the
>same place for several generations.  

Someone who has the book with them, how many?  I think we agreed at one 
point that the family were immigrants from Scotland, so it might not be 
many before Jamie's parents; how long are we counting as a generation, 
in years, if we're talking about ordinary mortals?  I forget how many 
greats-uncle he was.

And then there's the
>Archer's Goon family, for real longevity.  

But they have been there for only one generation; they've just been 
there as that one generation more than once.  :-)

>And how do generations work in Time City, anyhow?  

I suspect they are very long in the case of one person, but much the 
same as ours for everyone else, as it were.

>Hey, I'm trying, at least.

<refrains from making obvious comment>

<hides in waterweed>


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