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Well, I was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, to Canadian grad-student
parents, but only lived there for 6 months (the first time). I grew up in
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where I lived till I went to university in
Toronto, Ontario. Actually, during that time we spent a year of sabbatical
in England - my dad was at the University of Liverpool (I think) - we lived
in Birkenhead.

Then it was off to the "wet" coast - Victoria, BC, Canada, for seven years.

Then I followed my partner to the US for his grad school time. And wouldn't
you know it, he ended up at the same school as my dad had been to (same
department, too!) and so I had a second stint in central Pennsylvania -
living in Bellefonte, working in State College at Penn State.

Then, 5 years ago, we moved here - to Madison, Wisconsin.


On 4/9/07, Sally Odgers <sodgers at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Someone said;
> Hmm. . . possibly differing from some of the rest of you, I read "whare >
> are you from?" as a question demanding the name of the town that I > grew
> up
> > in,
> That's my fault. The town I grew up in IS where I'm from, and where I
> still
> am. I tend to forget that some people actually (shudder) move. I live a
> few
> hundred metres from  the house where my great great grandfather lived...
> My
> great grandfather lived there. My grandmother lived there until 1963, my
> parents and sister until 1956... I was born the year after they moved 100
> metres to a new house. I lived there until I was 16, then moved 30 m to
> another house, and then, five years later, a further fifty or so to my
> present one, where I have been for nearly 30 years.
>     ODWJM... Polly's grandmother must have lived in her place for a long
> time.
> Sallyo.
> Sallyo.
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