[DWJ] Where are we from?

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Apr 9 12:29:23 EDT 2007

In <828b248e1054b10d43f90b4143dc059f at silverwinggraphics.com>, Otter Perry wrote:
>On Apr 9, 2007, at 9:16 AM, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
>> In <20070409145038.GA1821 at flette.firedrake.org>, minnow at belfry.org.uk 
>> wrote:
>>> In <005f01c779f7$9e269480$0200a8c0 at LGnotebook>, Sally Odgers wrote:
>>>> Where are we all from?
>>>> ODWJM - Bristol, anyone?
>> And I wrote:
>>> Yep.
>> Maybe I ought to clarify -- that's Bristol, England.
>> :-)

but Otter seemed dubious:
>Not Bristol in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, 
>Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,
>South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, or

I *think* so.

<checks outside window>

Well, the cars are driving on the left side of the road outside, so...


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