[DWJ] Where are we from?

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Apr 9 12:27:43 EDT 2007

In <001001c77abc$1d53f3f0$0200a8c0 at LGnotebook>, Sally Odgers wrote:

>    ODWJM... Polly's grandmother must have lived in her place for a long 

At least forty years, I suppose?

The chap who lived next door to us, and died a couple of years ago at
ninety-plus years of age, was born in that house, which his family
bought when it was built in 1877; his grand-daughter now lives in it
with her husband, and is expecting a baby.

It's a fairly ordinary semi-detached house in a reasonably central 
suburb, not a sort of hereditary mansion or anything.

I have no idea whether that sort of family-staying-in-one-house is a
norm in England or not, because I have never really looked, but I
suspect that until quite recently it may have been quite usual for a
house to stay in a family for two or three generations, especially in
small towns and villages.


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