[DWJ] Where are we from?

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 9 11:31:14 EDT 2007

Someone said;
 Hmm. . . possibly differing from some of the rest of you, I read "whare > 
are you from?" as a question demanding the name of the town that I > grew up 
 > in,

That's my fault. The town I grew up in IS where I'm from, and where I still 
am. I tend to forget that some people actually (shudder) move. I live a few 
hundred metres from  the house where my great great grandfather lived... My 
great grandfather lived there. My grandmother lived there until 1963, my 
parents and sister until 1956... I was born the year after they moved 100 
metres to a new house. I lived there until I was 16, then moved 30 m to 
another house, and then, five years later, a further fifty or so to my 
present one, where I have been for nearly 30 years.
    ODWJM... Polly's grandmother must have lived in her place for a long 



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