[DWJ] Re: Travels in June

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Sat Apr 7 08:19:18 EDT 2007

My dad and I have finalised plans to travel to Israel and Europe! The main
idea of the trip is for my father to show me where he was born and grew up
in Prague, and to visit Theresienstadt, one of the concentration camps he
was in, and some other places in the Czech Republic. Recently a relative in
Israel announced their engagement, so now we are going there also. And since
one of my brothers and his wife were planning a trip to Israel anyway, they
are going to join us for part of the trip.


I know there are at least two DWJers in Israel, but I don't know about the
Czech Republic or Zurich, and I'd love to get together for a coffee or
get-together with anyone who would like to! I'll be in Israel from June 4
until June 10 (not long, I know, and most of it will probably be spend with
relatives!), in Prague and the Czech Republic from June 11 until June 18, in
Zurich from June 19 until June 24, and in Hong Kong from June 24 unti June


If anyone on the list lives or will be visiting anywhere on this trip, I'd
love to (try to) meet.


It's a shame we won't be getting to the UK! But it just can't be fitted in.
(We're only going to Zurich because it's part of the ticket we've bought.)



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