[DWJ] Re: OT: any actors around?

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Apr 4 18:49:45 EDT 2007

In <CA0B679B2B94D74FAF3F771BF8260CCF01EF37AE at bplwired3.BPL-CENTRAL.local>, Hendon, Alison wrote:
>Helen wrote:
>>"Interview a guild member (a person who practices the craft today) and
>>report to the court:
>>a. -what was your guild like in the Middle Ages,
>>b. -what is your guild/craft like today,
>>c. -plus one question of your choosing."
>>I am afraid most of the people interviewed will just say "No clue" to
>>question A! I don't know what the student is supposed to do if that  

Alison commented:

>I don't see how you could expect a modern "guild member" to be versed in
>what the guild was like in the Middle Ages.  I think that part of the
>research should be done the old-fashioned way.  And then it could be
>compared with b - what it's like today.  

One might start by asking "when you say 'Middle Ages' what's your
end-date for that?"  I'm unsure about a guild of strolling players in
the reign of Henry VIII, somehow, though most people who acted in the
Mystery Plays and such would probably have been members of guilds.


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