[DWJ] OT: any actors around?

Jennifer Rowland janamouse at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 4 06:53:29 EDT 2007

Helen wrote:
>"Interview a guild member (a person who practices the craft today) and
>report to the court:
>a. -what was your guild like in the Middle Ages,
>b. -what is your guild/craft like today,
>c. -plus one question of your choosing."
>I am afraid most of the people interviewed will just say "No clue" to
>question A! I don't know what the student is supposed to do if that  

Good grief. (I think I'd have been tempted to choose something like chip 
fabricator, just to ask the teacher what the mediaeval equivalent of that 
would be!) You can always try a drama school- some of the lecturers will 
probably be, or know, working actors, and some of them may well have an 
interest in theatre history. I know lecturers do get fed up with being asked 
to do children's homework, but a short phone call from someone with general 
questions like that wouldn't cross the line for the ones I know- it tends to 
be ones like "what is the theme in Hamlet and can you tell me three 
supporting passages?" that make them breathe fire.

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