[DWJ] OT: any actors around?

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Tue Apr 3 19:08:55 EDT 2007

well i do a little community theater so im no good to be interview (also 
only 16) but i do know a bit about the middle ages theater.
for one thing it was only men! totally horrid i think. And for the people 
viewing the plays that were put on in Shakespeare time it was overly crowded 
and it all matted where you were put by how rich and important you were. The 
peasants had to stand like animals shoulder to shoulder, and if they had to 
use you bathroom they just went to a corner and went there... not all that 
And the majority of time the actors were just the local men, butcher, baker, 
candlestick maker. (just like in a midsummer nights dream)

Well thast realy all i can think of now. (sorry about any spelling errors)

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>This is rather like the book reviewing thing, only different! My daughter
>Emily (12) has to interview an actor for a school project. It is a short
>interview and seems to me could just as well be done by email (tracking 
>down an
>actor if you don't already know any seems a bit difficult -- is my daughter
>supposed to act like a stage-door johnny? or ask random waiters if they 
>happen  to
>act a bit? we were discussing the matter at about eight-thirty on Sunday
>morning, and my husband said authoritatively, "They'll all be asleep," as 
>if he
>were talking about raccoons).
>They are doing a unit on the middle ages, which involves a complicated game
>where you rise from the status of generic Peasant to become an Apprentice 
>then a Journeyman. (Shades of _Tough Guide_ here!) She is going for
>Journeyman  status and one of the tasks is
>"Interview a guild member (a person who practices the craft today) and
>report to the court:
>a. -what was your guild like in the Middle Ages,
>b. -what is your guild/craft like today,
>c. -plus one question of your choosing."
>I am afraid most of the people interviewed will just say "No clue" to
>question A! I don't know what the student is supposed to do if that  
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