[DWJ] OT: any actors around?

HSchinske at aol.com HSchinske at aol.com
Tue Apr 3 13:44:42 EDT 2007

This is rather like the book reviewing thing, only different! My daughter  
Emily (12) has to interview an actor for a school project. It is a short  
interview and seems to me could just as well be done by email (tracking down an  
actor if you don't already know any seems a bit difficult -- is my daughter  
supposed to act like a stage-door johnny? or ask random waiters if they happen  to 
act a bit? we were discussing the matter at about eight-thirty on Sunday  
morning, and my husband said authoritatively, "They'll all be asleep," as if he  
were talking about raccoons).
They are doing a unit on the middle ages, which involves a complicated game  
where you rise from the status of generic Peasant to become an Apprentice and  
then a Journeyman. (Shades of _Tough Guide_ here!) She is going for 
Journeyman  status and one of the tasks is
"Interview a guild member (a person who practices the craft today) and  
report to the court:
a. -what was your guild like in the Middle Ages,
b. -what is your guild/craft like today,
c. -plus one question of your choosing."
I am afraid most of the people interviewed will just say "No clue" to  
question A! I don't know what the student is supposed to do if that  happens.
Helen Schinske

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