[DWJ] Any paid book reviewers out there?

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<delurks, raises hand>
I've been a book reviewer for years.  And I get paid... um...

Let's just say it's 3 figures.  Low 3 figures.  A year.

One does not review books for the money.  They do it for the love.  And the free books.
And I guess they might make a little extra on the side if they sell the books they get on eBay, which is a morally-questionable proposition in its own right.  (Some authors/publishers don't care, some get very upset, the books often say NOT FOR SALE, etc etc etc.)

But from my experience, there's just not much money to be made in reviewing books unless you're working for somewhere like Entertainment Weekly or the major newspapers.

I'd love to hear from someone who's had more success than I have though. :>

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>I'm mentoring a girl whose assignment was to pick someone in a career she
>was interested in and follow that person around to see what it's like.  She
>wants to review books for a living, poor kid, and I'm the closest thing to
>it in our neighborhood.  But since I don't actually get paid for reading and
>critiquing, there were some questions I couldn't answer--namely, how much
>could someone expect to make in this field?  So I'm once again coming to all
>y'all for help.  Any type of review work (freelance or salaried) or
>criticism will count.
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