[DWJ] Gears

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Apr 1 10:49:39 EDT 2007

> Is that possible?  I thought the body made a small amount of alcohol of 
> its
> own without any need to drink it, or something.  That was put forward as a
> reason for not making it zero-or-you're-off-the-road here, I seem to
> remember.
> Minnow

I think you might be right- Lilian's reading was just above zero (0.4 or 
something) on the breathalyser Matt had bought and he happily accepted that 
even though WE the audience know she'd been in the cider shed with Eddie 
Grundy... (a reference to The Archers ('an everyday story of country 
folk') - a soap opera on BBC radio 4)


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