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Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing (
http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/index.html has this already
come up in this discussion?) mentions spellings like Mykynzy, Mckensie,
Mikinzi, etc.  okay, maybe I made that last one up.

I know a woman who named her son Caiman.  I was like. . . why name your
child after a nasty reptile when you could spell it Cayman like the Porshe?

(though actually she didn't realize that it's a term for alligators/an
alligator like species, depending on your native language.  which is just
poor research, but still better than chalmydia.)


On 9/30/06, Elizabeth G. Holtrop <elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com> wrote:
> Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:  Ania wrote:
> >[rant] I really don't get it when people name their children (i. e.
> register
> >their names as) things like Katie, Ellie etc. Why not Katherine or
> >Elizabeth? They won't be little girls forever and with the full version
> >there is so much more scope for later variation. I also detest fanciful
> >spellings. A friend named her son Quinton. I tried to point out
> (tactfully)
> >that the spelling is Quentin, or Quintin. She didn't care. Now her kid is
> >saddled with a deliberate spelling mistake for the rest of his life.
> Grrrr.
> >[/rant]
>   It's very popular here in the USA to give names new spellings.   I've
> run into too many MacKenzies to count in the past few years and  they have
> all had a different spelling -- Makenzie, MacKenzie,  Mikenzy.  It's
> crazy.  I don't have any statistics to back me  up on this, but it seems
> that parents are choosing either  older-fashioned names (Margaret, Isabel)
> or racing to get the most  oddly spelled, never-before-used name (hence the
> MacKenzies).  But  perhaps this only applies to girls?
>   EGH
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