[DWJ] In which I satisfy the curious (I hope!)

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Sat Sep 30 20:22:36 EDT 2006

Minnow <minnow at belfry.org.uk> wrote:  Ania wrote:

>[rant] I really don't get it when people name their children (i. e. register
>their names as) things like Katie, Ellie etc. Why not Katherine or
>Elizabeth? They won't be little girls forever and with the full version
>there is so much more scope for later variation. I also detest fanciful
>spellings. A friend named her son Quinton. I tried to point out (tactfully)
>that the spelling is Quentin, or Quintin. She didn't care. Now her kid is
>saddled with a deliberate spelling mistake for the rest of his life. Grrrr.
  It's very popular here in the USA to give names new spellings.   I've run into too many MacKenzies to count in the past few years and  they have all had a different spelling -- Makenzie, MacKenzie,  Mikenzy.  It's crazy.  I don't have any statistics to back me  up on this, but it seems that parents are choosing either  older-fashioned names (Margaret, Isabel) or racing to get the most  oddly spelled, never-before-used name (hence the MacKenzies).  But  perhaps this only applies to girls?

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