[DWJ] Abdullah

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 27 18:09:00 EDT 2006

Rene Fleischbein wrote:
> Hi All,
> Abdullah means "Slave of Allah."   Some say "Abd" means "servant" but 
> this is wrong because the Arabic word for servant is "khadm."
> The word "Abd" in Arabic comes from the root "abada" which means 
> "worshiped" (all Arabic root words are in the past tense) and the noun 
> "ebadah" which means "worship."  The word "worship" is a description 
> of the highest state of love that one can attain.  "Abd" indicates 
> that one is so deep in love that one submits completely, of free will, 
> to the one loved.  This is why "Abd" is not fit to be used but with 
> the name, or attributes, of God.
cf 'Islam' (submission), 'muslim' (one who submits)

> The word "slave," as in one person being "owned" by another, is "mamluk."
Literally 'one who is ruled', from m-l-k 'rule'.


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