[DWJ] Abel

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Wed Sep 27 13:12:50 EDT 2006

Believe it or not, it wasn't until I had typed Ab El (lifting elements from 
"Abigail" (Father's joy) and "Elizabeth" (Oath of God) (More or less... 
baby-name-book-level-defs) that I realised the two elements looked like 
"Abel"., as in "Cain and..." Thus I stuck a hyphen in them. Coincidences are 

I was naming a hillfayre (fairy) character this week and picked FLINT for 
various reasons. It wasn't quite right, so I puddled about and came up with 
FLYNT. After establishing the character in a few chapters, I looked up FLINT 
and discovered it meant, not "stone", but "running water". Then I spotted 
FLYNT down the page, listed as a rare varied form. (I thought I made it up!) 
THEN, I looked up FLYNN and discovered it was "ruddy complexion".

The serendipity part comes in that I had already established my hillfayre as 
one who, courtesy of some distant human blood, has a little more colour in 
his skin than the "pure" fairies and can also deal better than they can with 
running water...

I thought that weirdness was almost worthy of DWJ.


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