[DWJ] Abdullah

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 27 00:43:56 EDT 2006

>"Abu" means "father of" in Arabic and has nothing to do with the name 
>Abdullah.  A man is called  "Abu," traditionally followed by the name of 
>his oldest child.  He can also be called Abu followed by another word, 
>indicating a belonging-relationship.  For example, Abu Hurayrah, "the one 
>with a kitten," indicates the belonging-relationship between the man and 
>his kitten.  It is a nickname.  The female equivalent is "Um."

I remember my father telling me that he met a man whose name in translation 
(can't remember the original, I'm afraid, and it's too early in the morning 
to call) was "the one with the pants". And that wasn't even the funniest 
name he's encountered in Arabic - that was the very ugly man who was called 
"the beauty of the morning sky". I guess his parents must have loved him 
very much. :-)

OBDWJ and changing the topic entirely, the other day I once again succeeded 
in having Hathaway send me a bus - but yesterday, when I tried again, I 
failed. Either he's very fickle or he doesn't like being called on too 
often. *g*


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