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Hi All,

Abdullah means "Slave of Allah."   Some say "Abd" means "servant" but this 
is wrong because the Arabic word for servant is "khadm."

The word "Abd" in Arabic comes from the root "abada" which means "worshiped" 
(all Arabic root words are in the past tense) and the noun "ebadah" which 
means "worship."  The word "worship" is a description of the highest state 
of love that one can attain.  "Abd" indicates that one is so deep in love 
that one submits completely, of free will, to the one loved.  This is why 
"Abd" is not fit to be used but with the name, or attributes, of God.

The word "slave," as in one person being "owned" by another, is "mamluk."

Allah is the ancient name of God (the God of Abraham; the monotheistic God).

"Abu" means "father of" in Arabic and has nothing to do with the name 
Abdullah.  A man is called  "Abu," traditionally followed by the name of his 
oldest child.  He can also be called Abu followed by another word, 
indicating a belonging-relationship.  For example, Abu Hurayrah, "the one 
with a kitten," indicates the belonging-relationship between the man and his 
kitten.  It is a nickname.  The female equivalent is "Um."

Hope this helps-

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>Philip says...
>PS Abdullah is sometimes spelt "Abdallah".  Do the last two syllables
>mean "God"?
>I think so. However, "ab" is "father". I suppose "Ab-el" would be "Father 
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