[DWJ] nameday

Anna Zofia Skarzynska ania.s at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 16:16:43 EDT 2006

And the day on which the saint is celebrated is called one's name-day.

But do tell: *which* Saint Elisabeth? Hungary, or Portugal?  Do you turn
bread to roses?  It's important: you get a sort of extra birthday either on
17th (formerly 19th) November, or on 4th July, depending which you


We have namedays in Poland and they are celebrated like birthdays in 
Britain; birthdays in Poland have a lesser importance than namedays. If 
there is more than one saint with the same name they have different saints' 
days. Maria [MAR-yah] has quite a few and if that's your given name you (or 
rather your parents) pick just one nameday for you from the various 
possibilities. Some names just have one nameday- my own, Anna, amongst them 
(though I remember hearing of another but it's very uncommon indeed; I have 
never met an Anna whose nameday wasn't on the 26th of July).

Ania (this is a Polish diminutive of Anna, equivalent of Annie, I suppose) 

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