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Judith Ridge Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au
Thu Sep 21 20:36:09 EDT 2006

I¹ve never really had a nickname that stuck. My siblings called me Melonhead
for a while, claiming it was a name I had given to a doll (which did indeed
have a large head), but I have always maintained that the said doll¹s name
was in fact Melanie. For a short period in my teens friends called me Lady
Jude because they reckoned I reminded them if Penelope Keith from ³To the
Manor Born², which in retrospect was not very flattering for a teenager...

However, I get every variation on my given name‹in my daily life I¹m mostly
Judy, professionally I am always Judith, which nowadays means that most new
people I meet call me that too. (I have a bit of an identity crisis about
when I am Judy and when I am Judith!) I usually get Jude from close friends
(or Yehudi from a couple of them, bizarrely) and I have also been called
Ju-Ju, the nickname of a character in Seven Little Australians...

My dad only ever calls me by Judy (or Judy Annie when he is being
affectionate‹my middle name is Ann), but my grandfather called me Tiny Town,
which is about the sweetest thing ever.

ObDWJthingy (I can never remember what that stands for!): I always wished I
had a name that could be nicknamed as Cat. Oh well.

The ³J² woman


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