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On 9/19/06, Paul Andinach <pandinac at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au> wrote:

> Someone I know married into a family where the eldest son was always
> named John - but only the oldest surviving John was actually *called*
> John. All the younger Johns were called by their second name, until
> each in his turn became the eldest and was expected to change to being
> John. (If I recall correctly, her young son is now the only surviving
> John, but she, having observed the results in the earlier generation
> or two, has decided to continue calling him by the name he's used to
> until he's old enough to decide for himself what he wants to be
> called.)

That's the case in my family. My grandfather was John Clare, but called
Clare; my dad is John Barry, but called Barry.

And then my parents just couldn't do it to me . . . so they just shifted
"John" into another language and called me Ian.

Which was fine when I lived in Canada (as it's a good Scots/Irish name). I
was amazed when I moved "down here" (the US) to discover that very, very few
people knew how to spell my name upon hearing it or pronounce my name upon
reading it.


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