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Thu Sep 21 07:00:36 EDT 2006

About St. Elisabeth
> And the day on which the saint is celebrated is called one's name-day.
> But do tell: *which* Saint Elisabeth? Hungary, or Portugal?  Do you turn
> bread to roses?  It's important: you get a sort of extra birthday either
> on
> 17th (formerly 19th) November, or on 4th July, depending which you
> selected.

It was alway intended Hungary (and Thüringen) - and, as it was the 19th  November when I was born, *remains* the 19th for my family. Although July would be nice, since my birthday is in winter, too.

As to bread and roses, well... I've always been fond of a song that plays with that story ( "wenn das Brot, das wir teilen, als Rose blüht und das Wort, das wir sprechen als Lied erklingt - when the bread we share blossmoms as a rose and the word we speak turns into a song..." ), beautiful and poetical, and because of the relation to Elisabeth, special to me.

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