[DWJ] Names

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Thu Sep 21 05:31:22 EDT 2006

I'm a teacher too. I know of:

KCeja (pronounced kay-cee-jay)
Jamaarlia (jar-mar-lee-ya, and I think I got the spelling right. The  
mother took the first two letters of her name, the father's name, and  
someone else's as I recall.)
Taylor (for a girl)

And other such interesting ones.

Josh is currently the most common name of the naughty boys I know of.  
Also: Jordan, Dylan, Corey...

I am Aimee, with french spelling, with the acute over the first e but  
not pronounced with the acute, though I'm not picky. Too many people  
have spelled my name too many different ways. The ones (frequently  
teachers) who know a bit of french insist (and have fought me about)  
the correct pronunciation of my name. *I* know an acute makes an e  
sound like an 'a', but my parents never called me "Aimae" so it  
remains an (authenticly french and nice) written touch only. I love  
the sound of French, so if I was called Aimae I wouldn't mind or  
worry too much about correcting it. But what does annoy me now is how  
many Aimies and Amys and Amies and other variations there are, and  
how they're now the more expected spelling! And most people try to  
spell my name with a double m instead of a double e, which defies the  
laws of phonetics and boggles my mind!

I like that my name means 'beloved' literally. I remember seeing a  
French film with Gerard Depardieu in it, where his wife's name was  
Aimee - but I was never sure whether he called her that as her name  
or as a term of endearment. I liked that. I liked the idea that it  
could be both at the same time, like "Please come here, One-Who-Is- 



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