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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 03:11:21 EDT 2006

I have to mention a book to which I think I have
referred in the past. "Favourite names for boys &
girls" by Patrick Cook (who incidently is married to
Jean Kitson aka Candida mentioned in another post). I
think somewhere in the archives is what it says about
John, but today on opening it at random it is this;
"DIANA: Also Dina, Dianah and unfortunately Di. The
Greek goddess of Dobermans, Diana has always carried
the implication 'ferociously bad tempered', although
the French "Dionne" meaning 'utterly sensational
darling' has softened it up a bit. Dina is also Hebrew
for "greasy snacks' rendering a general interpretation
horribly difficult. Dianas spend adolescence smoking
in school toilets. They become stock car racers or
co-authors and usually make at least one documentary
on violent fish or poisonous insects. Various
phenomena named after Dianas include an inaccessable
waterfall in Upper Volta, Diana's Leap (on the
fourteenth floor of the Bombay Hilton) and a WWII
tank. The current English fetish for naming innocent
children Di is mere grovelling after royalty and can
only cheapen the currency"


--- JOdel at aol.com wrote:

> I cannot resist chiming in her with a website that
> addresses the issue of 
> naming a baby. It is NOT to be missed...
> http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/
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